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We are dedicated to handling all areas of criminal defense, drunk driving and DUI defense throughout Athens Georgia and surrounding counties.

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Criminal arrests are serious matters that can result in life-changing penalties if you are convicted. For any type of criminal matter, it is important to have a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side. The stakes are high, and you risk losing your rights, your freedom, and your good name. As Athens' premier criminal defense lawyers, TWM understand that criminal charges can have an impact on every aspect of your life and we are committed to working diligently on your behalf. Regardless of whether you have been arrested for DUI or any other type of crime, TWM can protect your rights both in and out of the courtroom, giving you the best chance at avoiding serious penalties.

Since becoming a criminal defense and DUI attorney in Athens, GA, the lawyers at TWM have continued to implement their legal knowledge and extensive experience in ways that benefit all types of clients. These high-quality services have led to many successful outcomes in a variety of criminal cases. 

Whether your case involves a simple misdemeanor like fleeing police or a serious felony offense like manslaughter, you can find the superior defense strategies you need when you call TWM. Unlike other law firms in the area, our firm handles criminal defense cases almost exclusively. Because of this direct and singular focus, we have built a positive working relationship over the years with both judges and prosecutors within Athens' court system. These relationships make it possible for TWM to consistently obtain favorable results in our clients' criminal cases, and we serves all local courts throughout Athens Georgia.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they only need to hire a criminal lawyer if they have been accused of a crime, but this is not the case. By enlisting the help of a qualified criminal attorney immediately after an arrest, you will have a chance at avoiding official criminal charges altogether. A criminal accusation can have lasting detrimental consequences to both a defendant and his or her family, and TWM is readily available to protect you against these serious penalties. If you have been formally accused of a crime, timely action will be crucial.

Our firm is well-equipped to represent a wide range of cases, including:

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In the time following a criminal charge, arrest, or investigation, the most important step you can take is to contact the right criminal defense attorney. This will make all the difference in the progression of your case, as an experienced lawyer can ensure that you are protecting your right to remain silent in order to avoid incrimination. There is no need for you to try and navigate through the confusing, complex language of criminal law by yourself. Contact Athens Attorney TWM today for the honest answers and tough protection you need. When you choose to work with our firm, you can be confident knowing that you will be given the best advantage and that your rights will be fully protected every step of the way. Call today for immediate assistance and for a consultation!

Our firm is proud to serve clients in Athens-Clarke County, Oglethorpe County, Oconee County, Madison County, Barrow County, Greene County, Walton County, Banks County, Habersham County, Hall County, Hart County, Franklin County,  Elbert County, Morgan County, Putnam County,  Gwinnett County,  and Jackson County.

Do you need a DUI attorney in Athens Georgia? If you’ve been charged, you better call TWM lawyers immediately! Trying to represent your own DUI case is the best way to ensure full penalties of the law. TWM won't cut any corners when preparing for any DUI case. Having a DUI attorney like TWM on your side will ensure quality representation, and the better chance of dropped charges or reduced penalties.

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